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 Videos and Pictures Pyro Holidays  
A clip showing Bangkok Pyro display at Wat Wang Cylinder Shells Talang Nai May 2014

Cylinder shells.
A short video showing some pictures and video clips of cylinder shells being constructed and fired
during a Bangkok Pyro Holiday. Most of the shells shown here were made by people who had never made a firework in their lives. Well done guys.
Girandolas (more correctly Houp Stabilized Tourbillions)
 I just love these little devices.This device weighs 30 Kg and has 10Kg of rough sieved black powder pressed into the tube. Variations on this device are made up to 40 feet in diameter in some provinces. This video was taken in Sakgeow Province in May 2011.     

Another small Girandola device this one made with a fiberglass tube instead of the usual steel pipe
            More HSTs some come down as well as go up!
            2 short clips one showing some of the pressing of a 6 kg rocket and the other clips taken during a day trip to a local rocket festival in May 2012.
There are festivals like these almost every weekend during May, June and July and we get to visit at least 2 on each holiday session. These events are where in the evening we fire the shells we have made during the holiday.      


Workshop building.                                                       
A video showing the work of 4 complete beginners after 1 week on a pyro holiday.            
        Misc Holiday Pictures
Jesse Veverka from 'Passfire' shooting at our workshop and during our visit to a Thai rocket maker.
Small HST Girandola device with parachute             6 driver reversing Catherine Wheel
You don't need that calculator love, he's not buying them                      Toys for boys
Rocket Country

  Cylinder shells constructed using traditional methods 
A3 break 5 inch shell ready for quickmatch leader and  2FA lift
         3 inch Gold fountains                                                 Waterfall 25 x 3/4 inch tubes
1000Kg Rocket ( this particular rocket exploded a few seconds after launch)
Dampening the core of a 300KG Rocket with Condensed milk







At the bar after a long day building shells   :)
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